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[javascript, mapbox]

Create a collection of accurate maps in print quality along your gpx or kml track, in your scale, your format and the infos you need. You want a map in 1:85.000 on A5 paper along that winding river? Additional markers for camping sites and superma...


[android, java]

An Android App to remember books you want to read.


[python, pdf]

A simple script for impositioning PDF files for booklet printing.


[c++, opengl]

Demonstration of various algorithms for procedural generation of spatial infinite landscapes.


[python, bash]

Some small and sometimes useful scripts.

A.R.C.S - Android Rubic Cube Solver

[java, android, opencv]

Photograph each face of your rubik cube, let the app automatically detect the colors and then follow the instructions to solve it. Before and after automatic color detection. Instruction step for solving showing animate...

Simple implementation of Conway’s »Game of Life«.